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Bee-Plane Project

Please find Bee-Plane project documentation.
Bee-Plane is a medium-range aircraft with detachable fuselage. It is a collaborative R&D project at TRL2

Current Beeplane projects and objectives

  • Start the first full scale 1 mock-up of the mini-bee TRL3
  • Complete Bee-Plane TRL 2 (in 2017)
  • Launch academic projects for 2018/2019
  • Find adequate public funding scheme with an European consortium
  • Find new academic and industrial partners

TRLs - Technological Readiness Levels

TRL2 has started within an extented R&D consortium

  • Bee-Plane TRL 1, Year 2012, all docs from TRL1, work done during 2012/2013 by 4 french engineering universities