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[[File:Bp-202111-EstacaSQY3-Bee Plane Montage 3.jpg|300px]]<BR>
[File:20220720 Bee-Plane - Short Description v10-1.pdf]<BR>
[File:Bp-202111-EstacaSQY3-Bee Plane Montage 3.jpg|300px]<BR>

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Bee Plane collaborative project TRL3 Task is active (2021/2022/2023)
TRL3 started in 2021 with 2 projects within Estaca engineering university.

[File:20220720 Bee-Plane - Short Description v10-1.pdf]

[File:Bp-202111-EstacaSQY3-Bee Plane Montage 3.jpg|300px]

  • Estaca project on aircraft architecture :

File:10052022 Soutenance ESTACA Architecture.pdf
File:10052022 Rapport final PIA.pdf

Overall study of the Beeplane. Major changes are on engines configuration and cockpit integration with main landing gear.

  • Estaca project on the detachable mechanism for our modular aircraft

File:20220510 soutenance finale.pdf
File:20220510 Rapport PIA.pdf

Focus is made on fuel, air and electrical interface.

TRL3 Beeplane projects and objectives

  • Start the scale mock-up of the bee plane TRL3
  • Complete Bee-Plane TRL3 in 5 active years of collaborative work
  • Launch academic projects for 2021/22 and next years
  • Find adequate public funding scheme with an European consortium
  • Find new academic and industrial partners

Beeplane project past TRLs

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Bee-Plane TRL 1
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