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Tasks have been realized according to Lesser Open Bee License 1.2 [1]
Partners of TRL1 are : Ecole Centrale Paris, ESTACA Laval, INSA Rouen, IPSA

Bee-Plane TRL 0 : Studies started with TRL0 configuration (bi-plane) and ended with a new optimal configuration (one main wing).
Bee-Plane TRL 2 : Configuration selected during TRL1 is now used to prepare TRL2 studies.

A FP7 file was submitted at end of TRL1 : File:BeePlane PartB Proposal v2.pdf
Project passed first stage and was not selected at the end. It will be presented again in Horizon 2020 at beginning of TRL2.


TRL 1 of Beeplane project occur in 2012 and was closed in March 2013.
Four french engineering universities joined project and made first technical studies.

Initial drawings of TRL1

2013 : - Supmeca wrap-up
File:Rapport Projet Bee Plane Collaboratif Supmeca 2013.docx
File:Ppt final Projet Bee Plane Collaboratif Supmeca 2013.pptx
File:Poster Bee-Plane Collaboratif.pdf

Work Done