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Projet and tasks are achieved according to Lesser Open Bee License 1.3
TRL2 started in 2013. It is planned to have a 3 years duration. Project are being launched for academic year 2014/2015

Additional documentation and numerical mock-up
All technical work done according to the open source paragraph of the Lesser Open Bee License 1-3 is available within a dedicated IT server. Access is provide on request.

TRL2 Guidelines

Basket (detachable fuselage)

  • Basket is design to be optimum for passengers frequent flight, then it is adapted to other usage (fret, hospitals...)
  • Basket with three pressure bubbles, Internal structure adapted to 3-3-3 seats configuration
  • Central luguage area for passenger basket (220 PAX full eco, 200 PAX in 2 classes), Only 1 central large main door for passengers on each side.
  • Basket with APU on the back, 4 electric directional wheels, additional fuel tanks in the basket
  • Bee-Plane Passenger Floor Plan
  • Hospital basket

    Bee (upper aircraft)
  • Flat surface bellow bee
  • New configuration : No pilot in the bee
  • 2 turbopropeller TP400 bellow main wings, 1 central turbofan on the back.
  • Variable inlet casing for rear turbofan, diameter of the turbofan = 1m.

    Landing Gears and wings
  • Bi-taildragger configuration
  • Opposite "U" shape rear wings
  • Main landing gear with external rotation. Wheels goes behind Turboprop engines.

    Updated configuration for TRL2, by IFMA 2014 and Estaca 2014


    Partners for TRL2 are :

  • SME (Fr) : Technoplane (Coordination)
  • University (Fr) : Ecole Centrale Paris (aero simulation)
  • University (Fr) : ESTACA (configuration, certification, energy...)
  • University (Fr) : Supméca (configuration, mechanical, logistic)
  • University (Fr) : IFMA (mechanical, airports)
  • University (Ir) : Trinity College (acoustics)
  • University (Fr) : EM Normandie (Partnership)

    Additionnal partners in 2014/2015
  • University (It) : Politechnico di Milano (Equipement)

    2016/2017 :
  • Estaca

    Mechanical and aerodynamical studies

  • Diderot rear landing gear (2016)
    File:Train Arrière bee-plane.pdf
  • Estaca Laval 5A (feb 2014) : Cabin Layout for full eco passengers basket
    File:201402 Estaca Full Eco Rapport final Basket.pdf

  • SupMeca (feb 2014) : overall design studies and Collaborative projet
    File:Supmeca - Rapport PSYN 2014 - KOVAC - LEROY.pdf

  • SupMeca (feb 2014) : basket design studies
    File:Final Bee Plane Report .pdf

  • SupMeca (2013) : landing gear definition
    File:File:Supmeca TP 2013 Poster.pdf
    File:Supmeca TP 2013 Rapport Final.pdf
    File:File:Supmeca TP 2013 Soutenance.pdf

  • SupMeca (feb 2014) : landing gear definition
    File:Compte rendu Train d'atterrissage Bee plane Supmeca2014.pdf

  • Estaca Laval 4A (feb 2014) : Rear wings
    File:Soutenance de projet Empennage Bee-Plane Tail 2013.pdf
    File:Rapport de projet Bee-Plane 14 01 2014 vFinal Tail 2013.pdf

  • Estaca Laval 5A (feb 2014) : Inboard Energies and engines review
    File:201402 Estaca NRJ Gestion de l'énergie à bord du Bee-Plane - Fournisseurs.pdf
    File:201402 Estaca NRJ Gestion de l'énergie à bord du Bee-Plane.xlsx
    File:201402 Estaca NRJ RAPPORT - Gestion de l'Energie à bord du Bee-Plane.pdf

  • Estaca Levallois 4A (april 2014) : central turbofan integration
    File:Projet integration moteur BEEPLANE.pdf
    File:PPT Soutenance BEEPLANE.pdf

  • Estaca Laval 4A (april 2014) : turbopropeller configuration (engines review, quadri turbopropelle, engine failure)
    File:Projet motorisation Bee-Plane.pdf
    File:Soutenance 16.04.pdf

  • Estaca Laval 4A (april 2014) : biturbofan configuration (engines review)
    File:Projet Bee-Plane Présentation Groupe Alexis.pdf
    File:Rapport motorisation Bee-plane ESTACA 2014.pdf

    Project june 2014
  • Ecole Centrale Paris : AAS Analysis for Aircraft Sizing tool, and implement lateral flight stability calculation

  • IFMA Clermont : Rear landing gear
  • IFMA Clermont : attach system mechanical studies
  • Trinity College : Accoustic
  • Estaca : Engines

    Project june 2017
  • Estaca File:20170124Estaca Présentation BA105.pdf

    Certification studies

  • Estaca Laval 5A : certification Part 21
    File:File:Estaca 201402 Certif P21 CS 25.pdf
    File:Estaca 201402 Certif P21 ppt soutenance.pdf
    File:Estaca 201402 Certif P21 rapport pré-certification Bee-Plane.pdf

  • Estaca Levallois 5A : certification Part 145
    File:Estaca 201402 Part145 Certification Part.pdf

    Economical studies

  • SupMeca 2014 (june 2014) : airline economical impact
    File:Bee-Plane ppt PSYN(1).pdf
    File:Rapport final eco sumpeca 2014.pdf

  • IFMA Clermont 2014 : airport impact (Clermont Ferrand)

  • SupMeca (june 2013) : Airport Studies
    File:Rapport Projet Logistique.pdf
    File:Présentation Projet Logistique.pdf

    Other studies

  • EM Normandy (2013) : Partnership