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Mini-Bee TRL3 task is active

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  • Estaca Laval ASA

Fuselage configuration of Mini-Bee with 36 Rotors.
File:Conclusion Projet ASA 2021-22.pdf

  • Estaca ISPEB Laval

File:20220207 Présentation Projet ISPEB v1.pdf

TRL3 Technical Materials :
Minibee TRL3

Brief summary of Mini-Bee projects since start in 2015.
File:Mini-Bee Evolution Projets v1.pdf

Work done during academic year 2021/2022 Technology Readiness level 3 (scale 1 to 9)

Technical Review of Mini6bee project by Ecole Centrale Lille :
File:2022 06 16 Réunion technique MiniBee ECL.pdf

Hybrid power generation simulation:
File:Rapport finale Mini Bee.pdf

Energy project on mini-Bee by Estaca Laval 5A ISPEB

Faisability review by Estaca SQY 3A:
File:Soutenance finale PIA 10 05 2022.pdf

Motor and electricity test bench by Esigelec:
File:2022-02-08 Soutenance ping Esigelec.pdf

Architecture review by Estaca 4A ASA Laval :
File:20211206 ESTACA5A ASA Prés.pdf

FCU prototype by Cytech :
File:Abstract CY Tech Mini Bee 2022.pdf

FCU prototype by Estaca SQY:
File:20220427 Présentation Soutenance finale.pdf
File:Cahier des charges FCU 202204.pdf

Work done during academic year 2020/2021 TRL3

  • Review of Mini-Bee with structural analysis and crash/absorption calculation :

File:20210127 Projet MiniBee-V6.pdf

  • Main technical orientation for 2PAX configuration Single Rotax 915is Engine as generator and 6 Vertical electric rotors (author Supaero)

File:202006 ISAE Supaero Mini-Bee PIR-Report.pdf

  • Lycée Louis Armand

Strutural upgrad of rotors architecture and 2PAX fuselage
File:202012 Vue Minibee Louis Armand.pdf

Work done during TRL3 academic year 2019/2020

Universities and schools working on the project

  • Centrale Lille

File:Soutenance Technoplane.pdf
File:Rapport Technique - Centrale Lille - Mini-Bee.pdf

  • Centrale Supelec

File:Presentation finale IEEExCS.pdf
File:Rapport final VTOL.pdf
File:Soutenance finale.pdf

  • Esigelec

File:Mémoire final.pdf
File:Présentation finale finale.pdf

  • Estaca Laval 4A Propeller

File:Calcul hélice v1.xlsx
File:RAPPORT PROJET Mini-Bee version final.pdf
File:Soutenance fin de projet Version-final.pdf

  • Estaca SQY 4A Certification

File:2020-04-27 Rapport Projet ESTACA 4A SQY.pdf
File:2020-04-27 Soutenance Projet Mini-Bee 4A-SQY.pdf

  • Estaca SQY 5A Structure

File:20200207 Soutenance-projet-minibeeASA.pdf
File:Poster projet-minibee-structure.pdf

  • Estaca SQY 5A Propulsion

File:20200207 FINAL-Présentation avancement ISPEB.pdf

  • Supaero

File:202006 ISAE Supaero Mini-Bee PIR-Report.pdf

  • Supmeca

File:Présentation fin de projet.pdf
File:Rapport PSYN Mini-Bee.pdf

MiniBee 01.jpg

Work done during TRL3 academic year 2018/2019

Universities and schools working on the project

  • Estaca Laval 5A Propulsion

File:Rapport projet.pdf

  • Estaca 4A Aero

File:PPT Soutenance 250419 v2.pdf

  • Estaca 5A Structure

File:Rapport final2.pdf

  • Estaca 4A Aero

File:Rapport de Projet Mini-Bee.pdf

  • ENSEA Steering Wheel

File:Rapport technique.pdf

  • EBS Market studies

File:Consulting Project Mini Bee final document.pdf

  • Ensta Wing

File:Rapport MiniBee Bourasseau Demilly.pdf

  • ECL Structure

File:2019 02 12 Présentation soutenance S7.pdf

  • Centrale Supelec Hybrid Electric Engine

File:VTOL - Présentation finale projet S6.pdf

  • Louis Armand : Detailled conception 1

File:LUIS-Theo Rapport-U51.pdf

  • Louis Armand : Detailled conception 2

File:Partouche Mathias rapport U51.pdf

  • Louis Armand : Detailled conception 3


  • Diderot 1

File:U51 CPI Diderot JACQUEMINET Alexis.pdf

  • Diderot 2

File:U51 CPI Diderot Burban Brian.pdf

  • Diderot 3

File:U51 CPI Diderot Magnoux Vincent.pdf

ENSAM certification review


File:CDCF V1 2018-12-11.pdf

  • ENSAM Livrable WP1 V1 2018-12-11.pdf

File:Livrable WP1 V1 2018-12-11.pdf

  • ENSAM Livrable WP2 V1 2018-12-11.pdf

File:Livrable WP2 V1 2018-12-11.pdf

  • ENSAM Livrable WP3 V1 2018-12-11.pdf

File:Livrable WP3 V1 2018-12-11.pdf

  • ENSAM Macro-planning 2018-12-07.pdf

File:Macro-planning 2018-12-07.pdf

  • ENSAM Plan Management V1 2018-12-11.pdf

File:Plan Management V1 2018-12-11.pdf

  • ENSAM PlanCertif V1 2018-12-11.pdf

File:PlanCertif V1 2018-12-11.pdf

  • ENSAM Toprisque point bloq V1 2018-12-11.pdf

File:Toprisque point bloq V1 2018-12-11.pdf


Configuration for TRL3.


Presentation for academic projects
File:2020 09 Méca vol VTOL Estaca Laval ISPEB.pptx

The project is to develop the first hybrid VTOL aircraft. It started in January 2015 with a first study on concepts and we ended with several mock-ups of what it should be like.
At the end of 2016, project entered TRL2 with selection of detailed concepts on the product.
2017 made the project gain credibility thanks to the universities and industrials joining the project.
And by summer 2017, the project entered TRL3 with a first scale model.
Objective is now to go on a first demonstrator by 2018 !

Overviewv14 image.png

Challenge NAE

Project can be joined by academics through the Student Challenge NAE.
If interested in joining the project, feel free to contact us.

Lesser Open Source

  • Project is developed under dedicated Lesser Open Source License.
  • It allows multiple actors (academic, industrial, individuals) to collaborate in an open-innovation workflow. Project works are mainly shared here on a public wiki.
  • Tasks are achieved with coordinator management.
  • Private Tasks (without public disclosure) or product covered by other licenses or other intellectual property rights can be included within the project. Only interface works will be covered by the open source paragraph of the Lesser Open Source License.
  • Any Participant may use works done on the Project for technical or commercial use. By default, standard royalties percent are defined.


Configuration for TRL3.

OLD Mini-Bee configuration for TRL2.