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The project is to develop the first hybrid VTOL aircraft. It started in January 2015 with a first study on concepts and we ended with several mock-ups of what it should be like.
At the end of 2016, project entered TRL2 with selection of detailed concepts on the product.
2017 made the project gain credibility thanks to the universities and industrials joining the project.
And by summer 2017, the project entered TRL3 with a first scale model.
Objective is now to go on a first demonstrator by 2018 !

Overviewv14 image.png

Challenge NAE

Project can be joined by academics through the Student Challenge NAE.
If interested in joining the project, feel free to contact us.

Lesser Open Source

  • Project is developed under dedicated Lesser Open Source License.
  • It allows multiple actors (academic, industrial, individuals) to collaborate in an open-innovation workflow. Project works are mainly shared here on a public wiki.

  • Tasks are achieved with coordinator management.

  • Private Tasks (without public disclosure) or product covered by other licenses or other intellectual property rights can be included within the project. Only interface works will be covered by the open source paragraph of the Lesser Open Source License.

  • Any Participant may use works done on the Project for technical or commercial use. By default, standard royalties percent are defined.


Configuration for TRL3.

OLD Mini-Bee configuration for TRL2.