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Active task on the mini-bee project

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Tasks of year 2022/2023

Ecole Centrale Lille
File:15 02 2023 Soutenance finale compressed.pdf

Estaca Bordeaux 3A chaine de puissance
File:202305 Projet Ingénieur ESTACA CR Final.pdf
File:202305 Projet MiniBee Soutenance finale corrigé.pdf

Estaca Bordeaux Maquette physique à échelle réduite
File:202305 Rapport de projet industriel - Projet Mini-Bee.pdf
File:202305 Soutenance MiniBee ESTACA 3A BDX Structure.pdf

Estaca SQY Maquette numérique
File:2023 05 09 Document support.pdf
File:2023 05 09 Rapport final.pdf
File:2023 05 09 Soutenance.pdf

Estaca SQY Propulsion hybride
File:202305 Présentation Soutenance versionF.pdf
File:202305 Rapport de projet.pdf

FCU tasks

Estaca SQY 4A FCU File:20230425 Soutenance finale P2I 4A.pdf

Cytech FCU File:25042023 Présentation final MiniBee.pdf

Esigelec File:20230203 ESIGELEC PING2 réunion 10.pdf

Arduino and STM Exercices - FCU 2022/2023

by Estaca and Cytech

Exercice Arduino FCU

Exercice STM Nucleo FCU

Exercise Arduino FCU English

Exercise STM Nucleo FCU English

tasks on the Mini-Bee Project

As we continue to advance the Mini-Bee project into the year 2022/2023, several critical tasks are underway to further enhance its capabilities and technological readiness. These tasks reflect the dedication and collaborative efforts of various academic institutions and partners.

Ecole Centrale Lille One significant contributor to the project is Ecole Centrale Lille, as evidenced by their recent presentation and contributions. Their involvement is essential in shaping the project's progress.

Estaca Bordeaux: Powertrain and Scale Model Estaca Bordeaux, with its focus on powertrain and scale model development, plays a crucial role in optimizing Mini-Bee's performance and physical representation.

Estaca SQY: Digital Model and Hybrid Propulsion Estaca SQY, with its digital model and hybrid propulsion tasks, contributes to the project's technological evolution, ensuring it stays at the forefront of innovation.

FCU Tasks: Ensuring Control and Stability The Flight Control Unit (FCU) is a critical component of Mini-Bee's operation. Several institutions, including Estaca SQY and Cytech, are actively involved in FCU-related tasks, ensuring precise control and stability.

Arduino and STM Exercices for FCU 2022/2023 To maintain cutting-edge control systems, exercises related to Arduino and STM (System-on-Chip Technology) are being undertaken by Estaca and Cytech, further strengthening Mini-Bee's flight control capabilities.

These active tasks represent a collaborative effort to ensure that Mini-Bee continues to progress, reaching new levels of technological readiness and innovation in the field of hybrid VTOL aircraft.