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2013 by Supmeca First studies on an airport made for Beeplane. Based on Lyon Saint Exupéry in France Give cost and logistic figures

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    Project on Airport Layout Scenarios for Bee Plane Implementation Client Project: Xavier Dutertre Project Leader: Vincent Cheutet Project Team: Bouazzaoui Sliman, De Sousa Romain, Echabé Julien Date: 09/07/2013

    Introduction The report presents the Bee Plane, an innovative air transport solution aimed at reducing flight costs and competing with low-cost airlines. The plane features a detachable structure comprising the "BEE" (Cockpit, engine, and wings) and the "BASKET" (passengers and containers).

    Objectives The primary aims are to fluidize airport traffic, cut ticket prices by 30%, reduce the airport size by 5 times, and to decrease turnaround time by 1/3.

    Current State The report offers an overview of the existing A321 model and Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport. It provides crucial data on current operational capabilities and costs.

    Methodology and Variables A heuristic method was used for modeling the impact of Bee Plane on airport operations. Various parameters were considered, like basket detachment time, fuel reserve, and passenger load.

    Variable Influence The study finds that variables such as basket detachment time significantly influence profitability and ticket prices. Fuel consumption, trip length, and basket motorization also play roles.

    Findings Different scenarios demonstrate that the Bee Plane could make short to medium-haul flights more efficient, achieving up to 30% reduction in ticket prices and reducing airport size and turnaround times.

    Development Axes & Conclusion The report concludes by suggesting further areas for development and fulfilling the stated objectives to a substantial extent.

    The report serves as an exhaustive study into the feasibility and operational advantages of implementing the Bee Plane in contemporary airport environments.