Student Projet Methodology

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Please find material used in regular student projects.

Server access

Fill and send back the user list for access creation on the file server : File:User list.xlsx

BP01 File Server access :

You have read access for all materials and write access rights on your organisation folder.

Main links on project :

Project Launch

Project Description in French [FR] :
Example 1:
File:Projet Description FR v1.docx

Multi-Sites :
File:Project Description FR ex2 v1.docx

License and IP

All projects and materials is available under Lesser Open Bee License 1.3. Please contact coordinator for commercial use.
Or sign license and drop it on the server, for Open Source paragrah tasks.


Music for videos on Bee-Plane and Mini-Bee
We have a partnership with music site
Only for videos directly related to beeplane and mini-bee project, we can use their royalty free music.
Please indicated in your generic : "Music : Hicham Chahidi," And put a clickable link in your video display page to